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by Liz December 16, 2017

5 Tips to Facebook Live

  Facebook has realized the effectiveness of live video and is putting a huge emphasis on live video. Live video's offer the biggest audience. Social media marketers who invest now in live video are essentially partnering with Facebook and stand to see significant long-term gains in their social marketing. Considering going live as a brand [...]

by Liz December 15, 2017

Key Digital Trends for 2018

  It’s December - you know what that means. Everyone wants to talk about the new year. You can include us in “everyone” because our main goal in December is to get you and your marketing strategy ready for 2018.   You can kick it off by watching the below video on trends we expect [...]

by Liz March 25, 2017

4 Ways to survive a social media disaster

  More than 90% of businesses maintain two or more social media channels so it’s no surprise that companies experience social media disasters. That’s when a post with insensitive comments (mostly due to ignorance or poor judgment) goes viral and destroys your brand’s message. Businesses aren’t usually prepared to handle the intensity of a full-scale [...]

by Liz January 23, 2017

Why the Future of New Business Is Social Selling

  If you thought social media was just about being social, think again. Today it’s about “social selling.” Potential investors, employees, colleagues, clients and customers are literally at your fingertips. But it is up to you to build relationships and establish trust. And that is what social selling is all about. Social selling is no [...]

by Liz October 26, 2016

Shunning your customers on social media?

  Research shows that when customers have an issue with a product or service 90% say they have used social media to communicate directly with the brand. Ignoring or taking days, even hours to communicate with disgruntled customers can severely affect your brand reputation. This lackluster social media engagement can have a negative impact on [...]

by Liz August 25, 2016

Client Feature: BizSoft

  A full rebrand is a rare opportunity. Enter BizSoft, the company that trusted Tall Pink Gumboots to take them through just that process. Often when a company is getting off the ground, there may not be resources to invest in professional logo design and a corporate identity. It’s often done by an amateur or [...]

by Liz August 23, 2016

Instagram drafts – at last!

  Instagram, what took you so long?   While the app launched their brand new Stories feature with a big old splash, their latest update is so under the radar you probably haven’t even noticed it yet. Instagram Drafts is a brand new update, where you can save your edited Instagram posts as drafts, before [...]

by Liz August 12, 2016

Social media with Heart

  Tall Pink Gumboots strives to be more than a digital marketing agency, rather a digital marketing agency with heart. So a portion of what clients spend with Tall Pink Gumboots is donated to making a greater impact. Corporate social responsibility is typically associated with large companies, not small businesses. But Tall Pink Gumboots has [...]

by Liz June 20, 2016

Client Feature: Motiv8

I consider it a real honour when a business trusts Tall Pink Gumboots to take them through a rebrand. Rebranding can be tricky but as a company changes and grows - it needs to evolve with its target market and an ever-changing world. The term 'rebrand' can encompass not only a change in the overall [...]

by Liz June 19, 2016

5 Creative ways to use LinkedIn for B2B marketing

  LinkedIn is one of the most effective social media platforms for B2B lead generation. Businesses underestimate it's effectiveness, it's much more than an online CV and a place for hiring new talent. Using LinkedIn for B2B marketing presents the perfect opportunity for businesses to emerge as thought leaders and experts in their field.   [...]