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Meet Warren

Graphics Guru

Warren is our talented graphics guru and the only male member of the unicorn squad (not that we hold that against him). When he isn’t smashing out design work or playing office DJ, you’ll find him strumming the strings of a guitar or sipping on a (very strong) cup of coffee.

graphic design
social media manangement

Professional Experience

After 10 years of touring and playing in multiple bands across the country and internationally, Warren has a vast experience in the creative arts field. Photography, design and music have been at the core of what he has done for years as he sees the value of all 3 and the role they play in the creative and marketing world. Warren has always had a keen eye for design and transitioned into full-time graphic design four years ago with his music taking more of a back seat. Studying via correspondence with UNISA has enabled Warren to become disciplined and driven with everything that he does.