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about us

The Story of the Tall Pink Gumboots

We are often asked where the name ‘Tall Pink Gumboots’ comes from (with a name like that who wouldn’t be curious?) Well, as the story goes: back in the days when our chief boot, Liz, lived in London, the cold, grey weather really got her down. The sight of everyone wearing black and trudging to the Underground with their heads burrowed into scarves was so uninspiring that Liz decided to inject some colour into her life and the London scene. She went and bought the tallest, pinkest, brightest pair of gumboots she could find, and wore them every day. To this day you will probably spot Liz adventuring around Durban in her trademark pink boots, snapping pictures of sunrises and looking for the next beautiful spot to explore.

Our name serves as a reminder to add colour and fun to everything we do. Want to learn more about us? Read our blog post The Beginner’s Guide to Tall Pink Gumboots