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BizSoft rebrand and website
by Liz August 25, 2016

Client Feature: BizSoft


A full rebrand is a rare opportunity. Enter BizSoft, the company that trusted Tall Pink Gumboots to take them through just that process.

Often when a company is getting off the ground, there may not be resources to invest in professional logo design and a corporate identity. It’s often done by an amateur or a mate doing a favour. Embarking on a rebrand may be what the company needs to match their growth, new target audience or larger service offerings as the company has changed substantially from the early days.


About BizSoft

They create software that is custom-built for organizations. They have grown exponentially in the last 18 months and engaged Tall Pink Gumboots to oversee the logo redesign, tagline creation, brand identity, copywriting, new website, newsletter revamp and social media.


Logo, Tagline and Corporate Identity 

BizSoft’s owner is a coding ninja in baggies. A true surfer at heart. Tapping into this we leaned into ocean blue, grey and white for the brand colours. And if you look carefully, the ‘S’ in BizSoft, is softer, as it was inspired by the waves of the ocean. Studio Alchemy did a fantastic job at translating these elements in the logo redesign and CI, full kudos to them. While Tall Pink Gumboots took ownership of the tagline creation.


BizSoft Rebrand


Website, SEO and Social Media

BizSoft’s new website was built by the talented team at Crystal Media, who I worked closely with and found their solid work ethic and visual interpretation outstanding. It was Crystal Media’s attention to detail on this site that took BizSoft’s website from a good site to a great site.


Tall Pink Gumboots did the copywriting for the website and making certain it was SEO optimised and fully prepared for the social media advertising campaigns to follow.


BizSoft website


It has honestly been an incredible journey to work on this project. Thank you to BizSoft for entrusting Tall Pink Gumboots to take you guys through this process.