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Want a strong social media presence but don’t have the time or expertise?

I’ll help you optimize your current platforms, create advertising campaigns, advise you on which platforms to branch out on and take all the hassle out of managing them.


Facebook is the powerhouse of social media and with 1.59 billion active users monthly. We can help set up pages or optimize current Facebook pages. We also create Facebook campaigns specific to your area, target market and industry. Every campaign that is run will be tracked and you will receive a full report on the success of the campaign. Or if you simply need help with day-to-day management, we do that too. We’ll make certain your brand and your fans are connecting.


The majority of people still don’t use or understand Twitter properly, there’s enormous growth potential for a brand on Twitter. Hundreds of millions of people go to Twitter to discover what’s happening in the world right now. Creating tweets and Twitter campaigns to resonate with your target market can put your brand at the forefront of minds. We’ll help you create a campaign for whatever benefit you’re offering and let people know about it! Twitter one of the best ways to connect in real-time with fans in all stages of the sales process and share the PR your brand is getting online.


LinkedIn can be one of the most powerful tools for your personal or business’s brand. We’ll help you and your business’s online image shape up, get sorted, and get ahead. It is the ideal platform for finding new clients, sharing your business news or landing that dream job you’ve been after. We create Company pages, update Company and Personal pages to All Star rating, optimize Personal profiles and will help you get the most from this platform. We also present to groups on best practices on LinkedIn.


Instagram has 400 million users and is also known as ‘The Happy Platform.’ Creating, posting and promoting beautiful content that is on-brand, as well as building a library of key hashtags specifically for your brand is my vibe. We create Instagram campaigns by defining campaigns, by location, demographics, interests, actions and more. So your brand builds an online tribe and hashtags that are easily found on Instagram


Whether you’re an established brand, a non-profit organization, or a freelancer, you should consider joining Pinterest. It is an ideal platform to create a virtual collection of your inspirations or projects. Many brands stand to gain new business from the visual aspects this platform has to offer. But before you start pinning your little heart out, we’ll help you set up your business account and organize your boards to be highly searchable and engaging.

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