Unicorn Squad

Three Durbanites unite to form a powerful team who will add that something special to your life!

Tall Pink Gumboots Liz

Liz’s is our chief boot. She loves spending time with business owners and hearing first-hand more about their social media goals and how to impact their bottom line. That’s what gets her out of bed…and sunrises. When she isn’t driving leads to businesses you’ll find her chasing a sunrise with her camera.

Cally is the ultimate social media savvy wing-woman. No stone is left un-turned, no task is left undone. Short of a mircle worker Cally, is ultra organised and ensures every deadline is met. When she isn’t organizing us, she is pumping iron in the gym, swinging kettlebells and slamming sandbags.

Rayne is our graphic designer and keeper of all things of great design. Her eye for detail and creativity are short of remarkable. When she isn’t creating amazing logos or graphics, you’ll find her eating a delicious veggie something, having her nails done or cuddling her a fur-baby, Glitch.

This is the Tall Pink Gumboots Story


We are often asked were the name ‘Tall Pink Gumboots’ comes from? Back in the days when Liz lived in London, the cold, grey weather really got her down.

Everyone wore black and just trudged to the Underground with heads down burrowed into a scarf, while the bitter cold wind whipped at ones cheeks and coat. So to buck the trend and bring some colour into her life, and London. She went and bought the tallest, pinkest, brightest gumboots (or Wellies as they are called in the UK) she could find, and wore them every day.

Now we each have a pair of tall pink gumboots to bring colour into grey days and for those trips to the Midlands.

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