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motiv8 rebrand
by Liz June 20, 2016

Client Feature: Motiv8

I consider it a real honour when a business trusts Tall Pink Gumboots to take them through a rebrand. Rebranding can be tricky but as a company changes and grows – it needs to evolve with its target market and an ever-changing world. The term ‘rebrand’ can encompass not only a change in the overall look and feel but also a differentiation of its value proposition and core offerings.



For Motiv8, their services had expanded to offer massage as a core service, so we wanted to work this into the logo. The thinking for the new logo was minimal, elegant and unisex design. What we and the client loved was that the end result was so simple, yet attractive. I worked closely with the talented young designer Rayne Geddes on creating the new Motiv8 Massage and Fitness logo. You can check out Rayne’s portfolio here.


Tall Pink Gumboots also set up the Motiv8 Massage and Fitness Facebook page:


Motiv8 Facebook page


On the rebranding note, here are some of the great rebrands through the years you may enjoy:


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